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Pleasant View Construction’s landscaping projects reflect the unparalleled skill and commitment of our team members. We take pride in our excellent customer service, tremendous value, and creative solutions. Our work showcases the distinctive style of each homeowner – from peerless landscaping to natural hardscapes – let us show you what a truly inspired outdoor collaboration can produce.


Pleasant View Construction is a premier landscaper in the Holly, MI area. Our services are personally tailored to fit your needs. Whether it is building a new lush outdoor space or completely remodeling your existing land, we are here to provide unparalleled results.


We’re always working on something new. Check out our latest featured project!


“Peter gave us so much time and energy into our reshaping our backyard. He cut into our hill to create a flat yard while also installing a beautiful natural looking boulder wall and landscaped too. He spent many hours sending us ideas and kept us up to date constantly on his progress.” — Jordan Black

“Peter has a unique combination of creativity and knowledge…. He is that perfect combination of tenacity and hard work ethic, but also someone who is always creatively looking at a project in case there is a better way to do something….” — Mary Ann Sprague

“Peter Switzer of Pleasant View Construction has repeatedly proven to be both a remarkable visionary and master of details. Peter can conceive phenomenally complex projects and efficiently direct their creation….” — Jon McLaughlin